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For over thirty years, at PiLeJe Industrie we have been using our know-how and market expertise to help you grow your innovation strategies. Guided by our pursuit of industrial excellence, our laboratory supports you in your tailored ingredient development projects.


Our market expertise

The nutraceutical and cosmetic sectors are evolving fast. The revival of nutricosmetics shows this. Each day these sectors bring new challenges and opportunities. Our ingredients meet the requirements of these markets thanks to our tried and tested expertise.


Our plant and sourcing skills

We commit to: developing unique ingredients with a standardised phytochemical profile, with exclusive properties, as we guarantee the safety of sourcing as well as annual raw material volumes to implement.


The success of our industrial tools

From the ingredients to the finished product, we provide you with our analytical methods and several extraction procedures to guarantee that your extracts can be replicated and answer your specific needs.

Respecting plants: highly specialised fields and high quality extracting

Recognised plant expertise

We use highly specialised fields to off er you the best of plants. From selecting the plant species to managing growth paths, our desire is to supply you with high quality.

We carry out agronomic trials with the help of technical institutes and partners from the world of agriculture.
We develop a new ‘Increased Plant’ approach by guiding the selection of our plant species towards the maximum percentage of relevant molecules.

Plantain is one of the plants tested in the heart of PiLeJe’s plant innovation laboratory.

  • 3 years of agronomic research
  • 7 studied varieties
  • 11 agronomic criteria followed up
  • 300 phytochemical analyses carried out

Total plant expertise from selecting to standardised extracts

  • A plant contains up to 250 reputed active substances and has several hundred different species.
  • Species, origin, terroir, harvest season, first processing…
  • The quality and selection of plant raw material are prerequisites for obtaining high quality extracts.

We also respect the integrity of all of the molecules present which constitute the phytochemical profile of our extract, a true marker of its effectiveness.

From selecting to high fidelity plant extraction we are capable of supplying you with the best.

We manage each stage of your project

We have an analytical platform and 2 sites dedicated to plant extraction with a high-performing technological park. This is where we carry out each step of your project with great attention to detail and respecting the highest quality standards. Each one of our sites disposes of its own quality control laboratory.

Sourcing of plant raw material

Researching, selecting, tracing, establishing an identity card for our raw materials, creating a highly specialised field.

Plant and active ingredient identification

Developing analysis and identification methods and dosage of relevant molecules.


Choice of extraction methods and techniques according to your requirement specifications and the desired indications.

Industrial Transposition

Scale up : from the laboratory to an industrial scale.

Manufacturing ingredients on a certified site

And made available after release by our quality department who certifies conformity with your requirement specifications.

Developing and manufacturing a finished product

Full-service off er: theoretical formulation, analytical management, industrial transposition, packaging, manufacturing.

Creating your ingredient

We master several extraction and biotransformation techniques for creating tailor-made very high added value plant extracts. We select the most suitable methods according to the desired active ingredients and your requirement specifications. In this way you will be able to obtain clean label extracts, with ownership or not. All of these criteria we will define together.



  • Aqueous, hydro-alcoholic, enzymatic, suitable for each of your needs (3 patented process)
  • Standardisation of the Phytochemical Profile
    • Powder Extract:
      > On maltodextrin or plant substrates
      > Grain size from 10 μm (micronised powder) to 300 μm
      > Standard 20/25 kg packaging
    • Liquid Extract:
      > Aseptic filling is possible
      > Standard 10, 20, 200, 1000 litre packaging

Evaporation / concentration

  • Vacuum evaporation, different procedures at room temperature (protecting delicate molecules)
  • Concentration up to 50% of dry material

Enhancing our extraction co-products

  • Energy, growth modification, etc.

We are committed to our charter for the environment

Because innovation must be environmentally friendly, we are committed to sustainability in five pillars.



Reducing and managing our energy consumption



Reducing our waste production and systematically researching ways of co-enhancing waste



Eco-designing your new products together

  • When the resources permit, we foster sourcing plants originating in France
  • Implementation of crop growing contracts and validating growth paths
  • The majority of our supplies are certified ‘organic’
  • We guarantee complete traceability follow-up from the field
  • We follow up on implementing the agreements of the Nagoya protocol with our suppliers



Manage CO2 emissions



Federating our teams, involving our suppliers, our service providers and informing you

Personalised cooperation for each project

Our values

Your sole discussion partner will be there for you throughout your entire project.


High quality standards with a safety culture


Project management is defined with flexibility to adapt to your needs


Solution-oriented team players to support you

The stages of a successful partnership

  • Brief giving
  • Confidentiality agreement signing
  • Requirement specification establishing
  • Sourcing of plant raw material
  • Feasibility study
  • Determining the phytochemical profile of the plant material
  • Extract developement and identification
  • Adjusting methods
  • Industrial Transposition
  • Manufacturing

You deserve industrial excellence

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